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Top 8 Web Development Trends That You Should Know in 2021

31/01/2021       5 mins read

Every year, web development trends change, specifying new directions for web developers and business owners. Keeping up with these web development trends is vital to the success of businesses as they help to enrich the customer experience

It is no longer a secret that user expectations keep surging and it is quite challenging to develop a simple yet engaging digital experience. Content needs to be accessible on the go and software needs to be as inventive as possible.Web development companies in Bangalore are adopting the latest web development trends to stand out among the competitors.

Here are the top 8 web development trends you must know about.
1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs):

PWAs demonstrate modern web technology that combines the benefits of a native app and a classic website. PWAs offer a range of benefits such as offline operation, the ability to send push notifications, lighter and quicker to download, and a user experience similar to native apps.

2. Motion UI:

Motion UI can be added to various elements of the website, including backgrounds, menu bar, headers, hovers, etc. This completely changes the look and feel of the website, making it fun to browse. Besides, motion UI is compatible with all other web technologies.

3. Voice UI:

From the point of device responsiveness, nearly 52% of the world’s recorded number (global data) of web page users are through mobile phones. We are glued to using our smartphones even during a commute, in a meeting, out on a family vacation, and more such instances. So, you must better design a page or site that is highly responsive and works optimally for all gadgets or devices.

Hire an agency that is well versed in designing mobile responsive pages or websites. Open the company’s website from your mobile and then from a desktop, to see how their own site works online.

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4. Single-page websites:

Single-page websites are highly suited to freelancers, individuals, startups, portfolios, and specific product sites. These websites are not heavy, quicker to load, bring in more traffic, and make it easier for the end-users to locate things without navigating to different pages.

5. Responsive website elements:

A growing number of Bangalore web design companies are adopting this web development trend to seize the user's attention. Such elements engage the visitors and make the content much more attractive.

6. Chatbots:

The need for automated communication solutions is expected to rise even higher during the coming times. These chatbots quickly respond to all customer queries without the need for any human intervention. This facilitates a seamless customer experience.

7. Mobile-first design:

To be a successful website development company in Bangalore, following this trend is non-negotiable. Mobile-first design ensures complete responsiveness of the website on mobile devices. This is because the number of mobile users has surpassed the number of people using desktop devices.

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8. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is an initiative by Google to ensure that all desktop websites currently existing provide a seamless user experience across all mobile devices.

Wrapping Up:

Users expect fast, uncomplicated, and attractive websites. So, every web development company in Bangalore should keep themselves abreast with these latest trends and ensure they develop relevant websites.

If you are looking for a leading web development company in Bangalore, then contact our team to know about the wide range of web development services. Get the suitable one as per your business requirement.

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